Adventurous and challenging describes the Tamarack Golf Club in Western Labrador.  As the most northern course in Eastern Canada

Western Labrador, Atlantic Canada's Winter Wonderland, has many activities to offer the Winter Enthusiast! 

A Big Day (Year) Bird Watching in Labrador By Gordon Parsons:  In the bird-watching community there is a fascination with lists, particularly those for ‘Big Days’ and ‘Big Years’. Simply put, a birdwatcher records all bird species seen in one day or one year.

The White Wolf Snowmobile Club in Labrador West was formed in 1997 to enhance recreational snowmobiling and to help develop the snowmobiling industry as a whole throughout Labrador.

Labrador west offers a number of hiking and walking trails in and around our beautiful communities.  We have highlighted some local favorites for you.

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